WorkflowUnhandledExceptionAction WorkflowUnhandledExceptionAction WorkflowUnhandledExceptionAction WorkflowUnhandledExceptionAction Enum


An enumeration that specifies the action to perform when an unhandled exception occurs within a workflow.

public enum class WorkflowUnhandledExceptionAction
public enum WorkflowUnhandledExceptionAction
type WorkflowUnhandledExceptionAction = 
Public Enum WorkflowUnhandledExceptionAction


Abandon Abandon Abandon Abandon 0

Abandons the workflow instance.

AbandonAndSuspend AbandonAndSuspend AbandonAndSuspend AbandonAndSuspend 3

Abandons the workflow instance and marks the last persisted state as suspended. If there is no last persisted instance can be found, the workflow instance is aborted.

Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel 1

Cancels the workflow instance.

Terminate Terminate Terminate Terminate 2

Terminates the workflow instance. The instance state is Complete.

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