FilterType FilterType FilterType FilterType Enum


Specifies the type of filter to use when routing messages.

public enum class FilterType
public enum FilterType
type FilterType = 
Public Enum FilterType


Action Action Action Action 0

Use ActionMessageFilter to filter on an action.

And And And And 3

Use StrictAndMessageFilter to filter on two message filters, ANDed together.

Custom Custom Custom Custom 4

Use a user-defined filter.

EndpointAddress EndpointAddress EndpointAddress EndpointAddress 1

Use EndpointAddressMessageFilter with IncludeHostNameInComparison set to false to filter on the address.

EndpointName EndpointName EndpointName EndpointName 5

Use the EndpointNameMessageFilter to filter on the name of the service endpoint.

MatchAll MatchAll MatchAll MatchAll 6

Use the MatchAllMessageFilter to match all messages.

PrefixEndpointAddress PrefixEndpointAddress PrefixEndpointAddress PrefixEndpointAddress 2

Use PrefixEndpointAddressMessageFilter with IncludeHostNameInComparison set to false to filter on the address using longest prefix matching.

XPath XPath XPath XPath 7

Use the XPathMessageFilter to filter on an XPath expression.


For more information about using FilterType, see FilterData.

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