RecognizedPhrase.Words Property


Gets the words generated by a speech recognizer from recognized input.

 property System::Collections::ObjectModel::ReadOnlyCollection<System::Speech::Recognition::RecognizedWordUnit ^> ^ Words { System::Collections::ObjectModel::ReadOnlyCollection<System::Speech::Recognition::RecognizedWordUnit ^> ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection<System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizedWordUnit> Words { get; }
member this.Words : System.Collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection<System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizedWordUnit>
Public ReadOnly Property Words As ReadOnlyCollection(Of RecognizedWordUnit)

Property Value


The collection of RecognizedWordUnit objects generated by a speech recognizer for recognized input.


This property contains the words produced from the input by the speech recognizer prior to the recognizer's speech-to-text normalization of the result.

For example, the spoken input, "twenty five dollars", generates a recognition result where the Words property contains the words, "twenty", "five", and "dollars", and the Text property contains the phrase, "$25.00". For more information about text normalization, see ReplacementText.

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