JsonDocumentOptions JsonDocumentOptions JsonDocumentOptions JsonDocumentOptions Struct


Provides the ability for the user to define custom behavior when parsing JSON to create a JsonDocument.

public value class JsonDocumentOptions
public struct JsonDocumentOptions
type JsonDocumentOptions = struct
Public Structure JsonDocumentOptions


AllowTrailingCommas AllowTrailingCommas AllowTrailingCommas AllowTrailingCommas

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether an extra comma at the end of a list of JSON values in an object or array is allowed (and ignored) within the JSON payload being read.

CommentHandling CommentHandling CommentHandling CommentHandling

Gets or sets a value that determines how the JsonDocument handles comments when reading through the JSON data.

MaxDepth MaxDepth MaxDepth MaxDepth

Gets or sets the maximum depth allowed when parsing JSON data, with the default (that is, 0) indicating a maximum depth of 64.

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