UriHostNameType UriHostNameType UriHostNameType UriHostNameType Enum


Defines host name types for the CheckHostName(String) method.

public enum class UriHostNameType
public enum UriHostNameType
type UriHostNameType = 
Public Enum UriHostNameType


Basic Basic Basic Basic 1

The host is set, but the type cannot be determined.

Dns Dns Dns Dns 2

The host name is a domain name system (DNS) style host name.

IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 3

The host name is an Internet Protocol (IP) version 4 host address.

IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 4

The host name is an Internet Protocol (IP) version 6 host address.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

The type of the host name is not supplied.


The UriHostNameType enumeration defines the values that the Uri.CheckHostName method can return.

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