UriIdnScope Enum


Provides the possible values for the configuration setting of the IdnElement in the System.Configuration namespace.

public enum class UriIdnScope
public enum UriIdnScope
type UriIdnScope = 
Public Enum UriIdnScope


All 2

This value will convert any Unicode domain names to their Punycode equivalents (IDN names).

AllExceptIntranet 1

This value will convert all external Unicode domain names to use the Punycode equivalents (IDN names). In this case to handle international names on the local Intranet, the DNS servers that are used for the Intranet should support Unicode names.

None 0

Don't convert any Unicode domain names to use Punycode.


The existing Uri class has been extended to provide support for International Resource Identifiers (IR) based on RFC 3987.

The Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) attribute only controls IDN processing. All other IRI processing (character normalization, for example) is always performed by default.

The configuration setting for the System.Configuration.IdnElement will be read once when the first Uri class is constructed. Changes to configuration settings after that time are ignored.

For more information on IRI support, see the Remarks section for the Uri class.

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