ReadEntityBodyMode ReadEntityBodyMode ReadEntityBodyMode ReadEntityBodyMode Enum


Specifies constants that indicate how the entity body of an HTTP request has been read.

public enum class ReadEntityBodyMode
public enum ReadEntityBodyMode
type ReadEntityBodyMode = 
Public Enum ReadEntityBodyMode


Buffered Buffered Buffered Buffered 3

The entity body has been read into a Stream object by using the GetBufferedInputStream() method.

Bufferless Bufferless Bufferless Bufferless 2

The entity body has been read into a Stream object by using the GetBufferlessInputStream() method.

Classic Classic Classic Classic 1

The entity body has already been read and its contents have been put into HTTP request collections like Form, Files, InputStream, and BinaryRead(Int32).

Classic mode applies when ASP.NET pipeline processing has already occurred. For example, running an ASP.NET page or accessing a property in one of the HTTP request collections causes the entity body to be read, and the entity body contents are then put into the appropriate collection.

None None None None 0

The entity body has not been read.

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