SelectionPattern SelectionPattern SelectionPattern SelectionPattern Class


Represents a control that acts as a container for a collection of selectable child items. The children of this element support the SelectionItemPattern.

public ref class SelectionPattern : System::Windows::Automation::BasePattern
public class SelectionPattern : System.Windows.Automation.BasePattern
type SelectionPattern = class
    inherit BasePattern
Public Class SelectionPattern
Inherits BasePattern


See Control Pattern Mapping for UI Automation Clients for examples of controls that may implement this control pattern.


CanSelectMultipleProperty CanSelectMultipleProperty CanSelectMultipleProperty CanSelectMultipleProperty

Identifies the CanSelectMultiple property.

InvalidatedEvent InvalidatedEvent InvalidatedEvent InvalidatedEvent

Identifies the event that is raised when a selection in a container has changed significantly and requires sending more addition and removal events than the InvalidateLimit constant permits.

IsSelectionRequiredProperty IsSelectionRequiredProperty IsSelectionRequiredProperty IsSelectionRequiredProperty

Identifies the IsSelectionRequired property.

Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern

Identifies the SelectionPattern control pattern.

SelectionProperty SelectionProperty SelectionProperty SelectionProperty

Identifies the property that gets the selected items in a container.


Cached Cached Cached Cached

Gets the cached UI Automation property values for this SelectionPattern.

Current Current Current Current

Gets the current UI Automation property values for this SelectionPattern.


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