TextDecorationLineStyle Enum


public enum class TextDecorationLineStyle
public enum TextDecorationLineStyle
public enum TextDecorationLineStyle
type TextDecorationLineStyle = 
type TextDecorationLineStyle = 
Public Enum TextDecorationLineStyle


Dash 5

Dashed line.

DashDot 6

Alternating dash-dot line.

DashDotDot 7

Alternating dash-dot-dot line.

Dot 4

Dotted line.

Double 3

Double line.

DoubleWavy 11

Double wavy line.

LongDash 13

Long-dashed line.

None 0

No text decoration line style.

Other -1

Another text decoration line style not explicitly specified in the TextDecorationLineStyle enumeration.

Single 1

Single line.

ThickDash 14

Thick dashed line.

ThickDashDot 15

Thick alternating dash-dot line.

ThickDashDotDot 16

Thick alternating dash-dot-dot line.

ThickDot 17

Thick dotted line.

ThickLongDash 18

Thick long-dash line.

ThickSingle 9

Thick single line.

ThickWavy 12

Thick wavy line.

Wavy 8

Wavy line.

WordsOnly 2

Words only.

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