ListItemStructure.Marker Property


Gets or sets the name of the numeral, character, or bullet symbol for the list item as it appears in the formatting markup of the document.

 property System::String ^ Marker { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string Marker { get; set; }
member this.Marker : string with get, set
Public Property Marker As String

Property Value


A String marking list item.


A ListStructure mirrors a set of items, usually short paragraphs, that are actually formatted as a list in the <FixedPage> part of a document's markup. Typically, each item in the list is formatted with a marker such as a numeral, character, or bullet. The marker could also be multiple characters or even an image. The value of the Marker property is the Name attribute of the element, in the <FixedPage> part of a document's markup, that specifies what that marker is. For example, if the marker element specifies the numeral 3 as the marker for a list item and the Name of that element is 'ThirdItem', then the Marker property of the ListItemStructure that mirrors the list item should be set to 'ThirdItem.'

If a list item has a marker, failing to reference the marker with the Marker property of the corresponding ListItemStructure may force applications that are consuming the ListItemStructure to display or print the marker at the end of the document.

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