Menu.MenuItemCollection.IndexOfKey(String) Method


Finds the index of the first occurrence of a menu item with the specified key.

 virtual int IndexOfKey(System::String ^ key);
public virtual int IndexOfKey (string key);
abstract member IndexOfKey : string -> int
override this.IndexOfKey : string -> int
Public Overridable Function IndexOfKey (key As String) As Integer



The name of the menu item to search for.


The zero-based index of the first menu item with the specified key.


If IndexOfKey is called successively, the last returned index will be checked for a key match first, and if there is no match, the search starts at the beginning of the collection.

The Name property corresponds to the key for a MenuItem in the Menu.MenuItemCollection.

The key comparison is not case-sensitive. If the key parameter is null or an empty string, or there are no matches, IndexOfKey returns -1.

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