TreeNode.StateImageKey Property


Gets or sets the key of the image that is used to indicate the state of the TreeNode when the parent TreeView has its CheckBoxes property set to false.

 property System::String ^ StateImageKey { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string StateImageKey { get; set; }
member this.StateImageKey : string with get, set
Public Property StateImageKey As String

Property Value

The key of the image that is used to indicate the state of the TreeNode.



The image key that is returned by this property is contained in the StateImageList property of the parent TreeView control.

If the parent TreeView has check boxes enabled, the StateImageKey is ignored and the node will display the first or second image in the StateImageList set on the parent TreeView to indicate an unchecked or checked state, respectively. Toggling the Checked property does not affect the value of the StateImageKey.

The StateImageKey and StateImageIndex properties are mutually exclusive, meaning if one is set, the other is ignored. If you set the StateImageKey property, the StateImageIndex property is automatically set to -1. Alternatively, if you set StateImageIndex, StateImageKey is automatically set to an empty string (""). You should set the StateImageKey to an image with a corresponding index between 0 and 14. You can set the StateImageKey to an image with an index value greater than 14 (an exception will not be thrown), but the image may not be displayed

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