ToolBarState Enum


Specifies the visual state of a toolbar item that is drawn with visual styles.

public enum class ToolBarState
public enum ToolBarState
type ToolBarState = 
Public Enum ToolBarState


Checked 5

The item is in the checked state.

Disabled 4

The item is in the disabled state.

Hot 2

The item is in the hot state.

HotChecked 6

The item is in the hot and checked states.

Normal 1

The item is in the normal state.

Pressed 3

The item is in the pressed state.


The ToolBarState values correspond to the states of the VisualStyleElement objects exposed by the VisualStyleElement.ToolBar.Button, VisualStyleElement.ToolBar.DropDownButton, VisualStyleElement.ToolBar.SplitButton, and VisualStyleElement.ToolBar.SplitButtonDropDown classes.

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