ComponentCommands.MoveFocusUp Property


Gets the value that represents the Move Focus Up command.

 static property System::Windows::Input::RoutedUICommand ^ MoveFocusUp { System::Windows::Input::RoutedUICommand ^ get(); };
public static System.Windows.Input.RoutedUICommand MoveFocusUp { get; }
member this.MoveFocusUp : System.Windows.Input.RoutedUICommand
Public Shared ReadOnly Property MoveFocusUp As RoutedUICommand

Property Value


The command.

Default Values
Key Gesture Ctrl+Up
UI Text Move Focus Up


This command indicates the intention to move the focus up.

There is not necessarily an actual implementation responding to the command on any given object; in many cases the implementation in response to that command is the responsibility of the application writer.

XAML Attribute Usage

<object property="MoveFocusUp"/>  

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