MouseBinding.MouseAction Property


Gets or sets the MouseAction associated with this MouseBinding.

 property System::Windows::Input::MouseAction MouseAction { System::Windows::Input::MouseAction get(); void set(System::Windows::Input::MouseAction value); };
public System.Windows.Input.MouseAction MouseAction { get; set; }
member this.MouseAction : System.Windows.Input.MouseAction with get, set
Public Property MouseAction As MouseAction

Property Value

The mouse action. The default is None.


The following example shows how to create a binding between a MouseAction and a RoutedCommand.

<MouseBinding MouseAction="MiddleClick"
              Command="ApplicationCommands.Cut" />


Unlike a KeyGesture, a MouseGesture does not need to be associated with a modifier key. So a MouseAction by itself, such as MiddleClick, can be a valid MouseGesture.

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