Matrix.Append(Matrix) Method


Appends the specified Matrix structure to this Matrix structure.

 void Append(System::Windows::Media::Matrix matrix);
public void Append (System.Windows.Media.Matrix matrix);
member this.Append : System.Windows.Media.Matrix -> unit
Public Sub Append (matrix As Matrix)



The Matrix structure to append to this Matrix structure.


The following example shows how to append a Matrix structure to another Matrix structure.

private Matrix rotateAboutPointExample()
    // Creating a Matrix structure.
    Matrix myMatrix = new Matrix(5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30);
    // Rotate the matrix 90 degrees about the point (100,100).
    // myMatrix becomes equal to (-10, 4, -20, 15, 170, 25).
    myMatrix.RotateAt(90, 100, 100);
    return myMatrix; 


This operation is the same as multiplying this Matrix structure by the parameter matrix. Matrix multiplication is not commutative, though, so this operation is not the same as multiplying the parameter matrix by this Matrix structure; that is, (this * matrix) is not the same as (matrix * this).

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