UIElement.MoveFocus(TraversalRequest) Method


Attempts to move focus from this element to another element. The direction to move focus is specified by a guidance direction, which is interpreted within the organization of the visual parent for this element.

 virtual bool MoveFocus(System::Windows::Input::TraversalRequest ^ request);
public virtual bool MoveFocus (System.Windows.Input.TraversalRequest request);
abstract member MoveFocus : System.Windows.Input.TraversalRequest -> bool
override this.MoveFocus : System.Windows.Input.TraversalRequest -> bool
Public Overridable Function MoveFocus (request As TraversalRequest) As Boolean



A traversal request, which contains a property that indicates either a mode to traverse in existing tab order, or a direction to move visually.


true if the requested traversal was performed; otherwise, false.


Make sure you check the return value of this method. A return value of false might be returned if the traversal runs into a tab stop that is defined by a control's composition, and the traversal request did not request to wrap.

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