UIElement3D.CommandBindings Property


Gets a collection of CommandBinding objects associated with this element.

 property System::Windows::Input::CommandBindingCollection ^ CommandBindings { System::Windows::Input::CommandBindingCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Windows.Input.CommandBindingCollection CommandBindings { get; }
member this.CommandBindings : System.Windows.Input.CommandBindingCollection
Public ReadOnly Property CommandBindings As CommandBindingCollection

Property Value


The collection of all CommandBinding objects.


A CommandBinding enables command handling of a specific command for this element, and declares the linkage between a command, its events, and the handlers attached by this element.

Another typical way to populate the CommandBindings collection is to use CommandManager methods programmatically.

CommandBindings is introduced in the .NET Framework version 3.5. For more information, see Versions and Dependencies.

XAML Property Element Usage

    oneOrMoreCommandBindings  </object.CommandBindings>  

XAML Values

One or more CommandBinding elements. Each of these should have a Command attribute set to a known command, and attributes set for the CanExecute and Executed handler implementations. For more information see CommandBinding.

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