XamlMember.LookupTargetType Method


Returns the XamlType of the type where the XamlMember can exist.

 virtual System::Xaml::XamlType ^ LookupTargetType();
protected virtual System.Xaml.XamlType LookupTargetType ();
abstract member LookupTargetType : unit -> System.Xaml.XamlType
override this.LookupTargetType : unit -> System.Xaml.XamlType
Protected Overridable Function LookupTargetType () As XamlType


The type where the XamlMember can exist.


The default implementation distinguishes between attachable and non-attachable members. For non-attachable members, LookupTargetType always returns DeclaringType. For attachable members, LookupTargetType returns a result based on examining the UnderlyingMember accessor parameter type and interprets that type based on XAML schema context.

This method is invoked when a caller gets a value from TargetType. Override this method if you want to report uniform results for an entire XamlMember derived class, or if you have specialized metadata available to determine this on a per-case basis.

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