XamlMember.ValueSerializer Property


Gets a XamlValueConverter<TConverterBase> object, which is used for value serialization of XAML declared objects.

 property System::Xaml::Schema::XamlValueConverter<System::Windows::Markup::ValueSerializer ^> ^ ValueSerializer { System::Xaml::Schema::XamlValueConverter<System::Windows::Markup::ValueSerializer ^> ^ get(); };
public System.Xaml.Schema.XamlValueConverter<System.Windows.Markup.ValueSerializer> ValueSerializer { get; }
member this.ValueSerializer : System.Xaml.Schema.XamlValueConverter<System.Windows.Markup.ValueSerializer>
Public ReadOnly Property ValueSerializer As XamlValueConverter(Of ValueSerializer)

Property Value


Calling ValueSerializer invokes LookupValueSerializer or a specific override of that method. This behavior occurs when the initial internal reflection logic has not already set the information.

Not all cases that return a non-null property value for ValueSerializer are necessarily a working ValueSerializer. See TypeConverter; the same considerations apply to ValueSerializer.

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