XamlObjectWriter.WriteNamespace(NamespaceDeclaration) Method


Defines a namespace declaration that applies to the next object scope or member scope.

 override void WriteNamespace(System::Xaml::NamespaceDeclaration ^ namespaceDeclaration);
public override void WriteNamespace (System.Xaml.NamespaceDeclaration namespaceDeclaration);
override this.WriteNamespace : System.Xaml.NamespaceDeclaration -> unit



The namespace declaration to write.


The namespaceDeclaration is null.

A component of namespaceDeclaration is null.

Tried to write a XAML namespace node in an invalid scope.


A namespace declaration can be written if the current scope is a root scope, object scope, or member scope. However, WriteNamespace can only be called immediately before a call to one of the following: WriteNamespace, WriteStartObject, or WriteStartMember. The consecutive WriteNamespace case is for writing multiple namespace declarations to the same node. Eventually, either WriteStartObject or WriteStartMember must be called.

WriteNamespace does not use a Start/End metaphor. Although a XAML namespace has members in the CLR representation sense, the members are known and do not need to be represented as a special type of XamlMember for extensibility. To access the values of a NamespaceDeclaration, you access its Namespace and Prefix properties.

A namespace declaration may have a String.Empty value for the prefix. A String.Empty prefix represents a declaration of the default XAML namespace. Do not attempt to use null to represent the default prefix; it throws an exception in this API. For more information, see NamespaceDeclaration.

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