XamlObjectWriter.WriteStartObject(XamlType) Method


Writes an object node into the current scope, and sets the scope to a new object scope.

 override void WriteStartObject(System::Xaml::XamlType ^ xamlType);
public override void WriteStartObject (System.Xaml.XamlType xamlType);
override this.WriteStartObject : System.Xaml.XamlType -> unit



The type to write. Typically you obtain this value from a XAML reader.


Processing an IsUnknown type and cannot create an object.


Attempted to write a start object in an invalid scope.

Attempted to write a root object when the root object was already provided in the settings.

xamlType is null.

Notes to Inheritors

If the current scope is inside a collection, dictionary, or array, the new instance should be added to the collection, dictionary, or array by using the Add method of the relevant type. Otherwise, the member should be assigned to the new instance.

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