XDocumentType.NodeType Property


Gets the node type for this node.

 virtual property System::Xml::XmlNodeType NodeType { System::Xml::XmlNodeType get(); };
public override System.Xml.XmlNodeType NodeType { get; }
member this.NodeType : System.Xml.XmlNodeType
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property NodeType As XmlNodeType

Property Value


The node type. For XDocumentType objects, this value is DocumentType.


The following example shows the use of this property to retrieve the node type for an XDocumentType object.

string internalSubset = @"<!ELEMENT Pubs (Book+)>  
<!ELEMENT Book (Title, Author)>  
<!ELEMENT Title (#PCDATA)>  
<!ELEMENT Author (#PCDATA)>";  

string target = "xml-stylesheet";  
string data = "href=\"mystyle.css\" title=\"Compact\" type=\"text/css\"";  

XDocument doc = new XDocument(  
    new XComment("This is a comment."),  
    new XProcessingInstruction(target, data),  
    new XDocumentType("Pubs", null, null, internalSubset),  
    new XElement("Pubs",   
        new XElement("Book",  
            new XElement("Title", "Artifacts of Roman Civilization"),  
            new XElement("Author", "Moreno, Jordao")  
        new XElement("Book",  
            new XElement("Title", "Midieval Tools and Implements"),  
            new XElement("Author", "Gazit, Inbar")  
    new XComment("This is another comment.")  
doc.Declaration = new XDeclaration("1.0", "utf-8", "true");  

Dim internalSubset = _  
    "<!ELEMENT Pubs (Book+)>" & Environment.NewLine & _  
    "<!ELEMENT Book (Title, Author)>" & Environment.NewLine & _  
    "<!ELEMENT Title (#PCDATA)>" & Environment.NewLine & _  
    "<!ELEMENT Author (#PCDATA)>"  

Dim doc As XDocument = _   
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>  
    <!--This is a comment.-->  
    <?xml-stylesheet href='mystyle.css' title='Compact' type='text/css'?>  
            <Title>Artifacts of Roman Civilization</Title>  
            <Author>Moreno, Jordao</Author>  
            <Title>Midieval Tools and Implements</Title>  
            <Author>Gazit, Inbar</Author>  
    <!--This is another comment.-->  

doc.FirstNode.AddAfterSelf(new XDocumentType("Pubs", Nothing, Nothing, internalSubset))  


This example produces the following output:



Because all classes that derive from XObject contain a NodeType property, you can write code that operates on collections of concrete subclass of XObject. Your code can then test for the node type of each node in the collection.

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