XPathNavigator.MoveToId(String) Method


When overridden in a derived class, moves to the node that has an attribute of type ID whose value matches the specified String.

 abstract bool MoveToId(System::String ^ id);
public abstract bool MoveToId (string id);
abstract member MoveToId : string -> bool
Public MustOverride Function MoveToId (id As String) As Boolean



A String representing the ID value of the node to which you want to move.


true if the XPathNavigator is successful moving; otherwise, false. If false, the position of the navigator is unchanged.


This method can be used to identify nodes by unique ID provided the source document explicitly declares attributes of type ID using a DTD.

For example, suppose the following XML data, <data><x a="a1"/></data>, was loaded using a DTD that included the following: <!ATTLIST x a ID #REQUIRED>.

If the XPathNavigator was positioned somewhere in the XML data, calling MoveToId("a1") positions the XPathNavigator on the element node x.

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