XPathNavigator.MoveToNamespace(String) Method


Moves the XPathNavigator to the namespace node with the specified namespace prefix.

 abstract bool MoveToNamespace(System::String ^ name);
public abstract bool MoveToNamespace (string name);
abstract member MoveToNamespace : string -> bool
Public MustOverride Function MoveToNamespace (name As String) As Boolean



The namespace prefix of the namespace node.


true if the XPathNavigator is successful moving to the specified namespace; false if a matching namespace node was not found, or if the XPathNavigator is not positioned on an element node. If false, the position of the XPathNavigator is unchanged.


After the XPathNavigator has been moved to the namespace node, the Name property reflects the name of the namespace.

When the XPathNavigator is positioned on a namespace node, the methods MoveToNext, MoveToPrevious, and MoveToFirst are not applicable. These methods always return false and do not change the position of the XPathNavigator. Rather, you can call MoveToNextNamespace to move to the next namespace node.

After the XPathNavigator is positioned on a namespace node, you can call MoveToParent to move back to the element node.

For a definition of namespace nodes, see section 5.4 of the W3C XML Path Language (XPath) recommendation.

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