XPathNavigator.NameTable Property


When overridden in a derived class, gets the XmlNameTable of the XPathNavigator.

 abstract property System::Xml::XmlNameTable ^ NameTable { System::Xml::XmlNameTable ^ get(); };
public abstract System.Xml.XmlNameTable NameTable { get; }
member this.NameTable : System.Xml.XmlNameTable
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property NameTable As XmlNameTable

Property Value


An XmlNameTable object enabling you to get the atomized version of a String within the XML document.


The XmlNameTable stores atomized strings of any local name, namespace URI, and prefix used by the XPathNavigator. This means that when the same Name is returned multiple times (like "book"), the same String object is returned for that Name. This makes it possible to write efficient code that does object comparisons on these strings, instead of expensive string comparisons.

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