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Business value

Some of your customer journeys might include email messages with time-sensitive content. Time-sensitive emails could include time-limited offers, holiday promotions, or a two-week reminder for an upcoming event. Because contacts might join the journey at any time, you can now prevent delivering outdated information by setting an expiration date for one or more selected email messages.

Feature details

Expiration dates and times for time-sensitive content: Set a static expiration date and time. For example, March 31, 2020, at 10:00 PM in the customer’s time zone. No outdated messages: Any contact who enters an email tile after its expiration date doesn't receive the email message. Determine who didn't receive your message: Information regarding who didn't receive a message because it expired is captured and available from email and journey insights. Warning when stopping live records: Before stopping email messages, forms, or segments used by live customer journeys, you will receive a warning message to prevent you from inadvertently corrupting an entity used in a live journey.

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