Design Details: Item Tracking in the Warehouse

Serial number and lot number handling is primarily a warehouse task and therefore all inbound and outbound warehouse documents have standard functionality for assigning and selecting item tracking numbers.

However, because the reservation system is based on item ledger entries, warehouse activity documents that register only warehouse entries are not fully supported. Because reservations and item tracking numbers can be handled only at the location level, not at the bin and zone level, the Item Tracking Lines page cannot be opened from warehouse activity documents. The same applies to the Reservation page.

After a serial or lot number has been added to an item at a warehouse location, it can be moved and reclassified freely within the warehouse by using an independent item tracking structure that is unrelated to the reservation system. Serial No. and Lot No. fields are accessed directly on warehouse document lines. When the serial or lot number later partakes in outbound posting, it is synchronised with the reservation system as a part of ordinary bin adjustment. For more information, see Design Details: Integration with Inventory.

However, the reservation system does take warehouse activities into consideration when it calculates availability. For example, items that are allocated to picks, or registered as picked, cannot be reserved. For more information, see Design Details: Warehouse Availability.

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