Country/regional availability and supported languages

This page lists the countries/regions where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available and which languages are supported.


In countries where Microsoft has not delivered a localization, partners can build localizations using translation and localization apps that are published on AppSource. These apps are built on top of the international (W1) version of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The following table provides the list of all countries/regions where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available or in planning for future availability, and states whether the localization is provided by Microsoft or partner(s). Note, that availability in the list concerns Dynamics 365 Business Central as a cloud service and does not concern availability of partner localizations. Please check partner localization app availability on AppSource.

Countries and regions

Country/Region Localized by Availability Environment Country in Tenant Admin Center Azure Region
Algeria Partner Available DZ South Africa North
Argentina Partner Planned AR Brazil South
Australia Microsoft Available AU Australia East
Austria Microsoft Available AT West Europe, Netherlands
Bangladesh Partner Available BD Southeast Asia, Singapore
Belgium Microsoft Available BE West Europe, Netherlands
Bulgaria Partner Planned BG West Europe, Netherlands
Brazil Partner Available BR Brazil South
Canada Microsoft Available CA Canada Central
Chile Partner Planned CL Brazil South
Colombia Partner Available CO Brazil South
Croatia Partner Available HR West Europe, Netherlands
Czechia Microsoft Available CZ West Europe, Netherlands
Denmark Microsoft Available DK North Europe, Ireland
Egypt Partner Available EG South Africa North
Estonia Partner Available EE North Europe, Ireland
Faroe Islands (Denmark) Microsoft Available DK North Europe, Ireland
Finland Microsoft Available FI North Europe, Ireland
France Microsoft Available FR France Central
Germany Microsoft Available DE Germany West Central
Greece Partner Available GR West Europe, Netherlands
Greenland (Denmark) Microsoft Available DK West Europe, Netherlands
Hong Kong SAR Partner Available HK Southeast Asia, Singapore
Hungary Partner Available HU West Europe, Netherlands
Iceland Microsoft Available IS North Europe, Ireland
Ireland Partner Available IE North Europe, Ireland
Indonesia Partner Available ID Southeast Asia, Singapore
India Microsoft Available IN Central India
Italy Microsoft Available IT West Europe, Netherlands
Japan Partner Available JP Southeast Asia, Singapore
Kenya Partner Available KE South Africa North
Latvia Partner Available LV North Europe, Ireland
Lebanon Partner Available LB UAE North
Lithuania Partner Available LT North Europe, Ireland
Luxembourg Partner Available LU West Europe, Netherlands
Malaysia Partner Available MY Southeast Asia, Singapore
Malta Partner Available MT West Europe, Netherlands
Mexico Microsoft Available MX South Central US
Morocco Partner Available MA South Africa North
Myanmar Partner Planned MM Southeast Asia, Singapore
Netherlands Microsoft Available NL West Europe, Netherlands
New Zealand Microsoft Available NZ Australia East
Nigeria Partner Available NG South Africa North
Norway Microsoft Available NO Norway East
Peru Partner Available PE Brazil South
Philippines Partner Available PH Southeast Asia, Singapore
Poland Partner Available PL West Europe, Netherlands
Portugal Partner Available PT West Europe, Netherlands
Puerto Rico Partner Planned PR Brazil South
Qatar Partner Available QA UAE North
Romania Partner Available RO West Europe, Netherlands
Russia (on-premises only) Microsoft Available (Not listed) N/A
Saudi Arabia Partner Available SA UAE North
Serbia Partner Available RS West Europe, Netherlands
Singapore Partner Available SG Southeast Asia, Singapore
Slovakia Partner Planned SK West Eeurope, Netherlands
Slovenia Partner Available SI West Europe, Netherlands
South Africa Partner Available ZA South Africa North
South Korea Partner Available KR Southeast Asia, Singapore
Spain Microsoft Available ES West Europe, Netherlands
Sri Lanka Partner Available LK Southeast Asia, Singapore
Sweden Microsoft Available SE North Europe, Ireland
Switzerland Microsoft Available CH Switzerland North
Taiwan Partner Available TW Southeast Asia, Singapore
Thailand Partner Available TH Southeast Asia, Singapore
Tunisia Partner Available TN South Africa North
Turkey Partner Available TR West Europe, Netherlands
Ukraine Partner Planned UA West Europe, Netherlands
United Arab Emirates Partner Available AE UAE North
United Kingdom Microsoft Available GB UK West
United States Microsoft Available US East US
Vietnam Partner Available VN Southeast Asia, Singapore

Important information regarding planned availability

Due to the nature of the joint effort where Microsoft is providing the international (W1) cloud service and partners are providing localization app(s), the above planned availability estimates represent the earliest possible availability and can be exceeded if localization partners have not successfully published their app(s) to AppSource by this time.

Supported languages

To maximize productivity Dynamics 365 Business Central supports many languages. It is important to know that language support requires translation of platform captions and application captions (UI). Translated platform captions are provided by Microsoft for all supported languages. Application languages are provided by both Microsoft and partners, depending on the language.

Application languages delivered by Microsoft are provided as language apps, available on AppSource, that can be installed if needed. Partners can also provide application translation for any platform supported language. To use one of these languages the app publisher must be contacted through AppSource.

This table gives an overview of supported languages and how application languages are provided.

Language Locale Translation app provided by
Bulgarian bg-BG Partner, Available on AppSource (pending)
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Danish (Denmark) da-DK Microsoft, Available on AppSource
German (Austria) de-AT Microsoft, Available on AppSource
German (Switzerland) de-CH Microsoft, Available on AppSource
German (Germany) de-DE Microsoft, Available on AppSource
English (Australian) en-AU Microsoft, Available on AppSource
English (Canada) en-CA Microsoft, Available on AppSource
English (Great Britain) en-GB Microsoft, Available on AppSource
English (New Zealand) en-NZ Microsoft, Available on AppSource
English (United States) en-US Built-in
English (South Africa) en-ZA Supported by platform, no app available
Spanish (Spain) es-ES Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Estonian (Estonia) et-EE Partner, Available on AppSource
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI Microsoft, Available on AppSource
French (Belgium) fr-BE Microsoft, Available on AppSource
French (Canada) fr-CA Microsoft, Available on AppSource
French (Switzerland) fr-CH Microsoft, Available on AppSource
French (France) fr-FR Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Greek (Greece) gr-GR Partner, Available on AppSource
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR Partner, Available on AppSource
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU Partner, Available on AppSource
Icelandic (Iceland) is-IS Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Italian (Switzerland) it-CH Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Italian (Italy) it-IT Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Japanese (Japan) jp-JP Partner, Available on AppSource
Korean (Korea) ko-KR Partner, Available on AppSource
Latvian (Latvia) lv-LV Partner, Available on AppSource
Lithuanian (Lithuania) lt-LT Partner, Available on AppSource
Norwegian (Norway) no-NO Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Polish (Poland) pl-PL Partner, Available on AppSource
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Partner, Available on AppSource
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT Partner, Available on AppSource
Romanian ro-RO Partner, Available on AppSource (pending)
Russian (Russia) ru-RU Microsoft, Available on AppSource
Slovak (Slovakian) sk-SK Partner, Available on AppSource (pending)
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-SI Partner, Available on AppSource
Serbian (Serbia) sr-latn-RS Partner, Available on AppSource
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE Microsoft, Available on on AppSource
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR Partner, Available on AppSource
Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) zh-HK Partner, Available on AppSource
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) zh-TW Partner, Available on AppSource
Ukrainian) uk-UA Partner, Available on AppSource (pending)
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN Partner, Available on AppSource


Application translations provided by Microsoft cover features in the international version (W1). Local functionality is not translated to all languages and will be provided in English and native language, as has been done historically. As a result, you may experience a mix of translations if using Dynamics 365 Business Central in a foreign language.

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