Setup Best Practices: Global Planning Setup

The Planning FastTab on the Manufacturing Setup page contains several fields that define global rules for supply planning.

The following table provides best practices on how to set up selected global planning parameter fields. For more information about a field, choose the link in the Setup field column.

Setup field Best practice Comment
Use Forecast on Locations Select if you have forecasts for specific locations.
Components at Location If items are not defined as SKUs, select the location code of your main warehouse. This also applies if you only use the requisition worksheet.
Blank Overflow Level Select Allow Default Calculation if you are migrating from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 or earlier. Use only if you want to allow all or some of your items to overflow the reorder point.
Default Dampener Period Set between 1D and 5D.

If new to planning in Business Central, then set a longer period.
When users are more familiar with the different reasons for action messages, then shorten the dampener period to allow more change suggestions.
Default Dampener Quantity % Set between 5 and 20 percent of the item’s lot size.

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