What's new in Dynamics 365 Marketing

We're excited to announce our newest updates! This article summarises early access features, preview features, general availability enhancements, monthly feature updates, and bug fixes. To see the long-term feature plans, take a look at the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform release plans.

We roll out updates on a region-by-region basis. Updates are available to all regions by the end of the month. We recommend updating all Marketing instances as soon as an update is available. To update your instances, follow the steps in Keep Marketing up to date. To ensure your Marketing apps are up to date, you must manually update each Marketing instance.


To submit and vote on feature requests and product suggestions, go to the Dynamics 365 Application Ideas portal.

June 2020 update

The Dynamics 365 Marketing June 2020 update includes several feature enhancements including customer journey improvements, email editor improvements, improved segment management, performance upgrades, and bug fixes.

Version number

App GA release
Marketing 1.35.10062.1050


To check your current version number, refer to Find out which version of Dynamics 365 Marketing you are running.

Monthly feature updates

  • Customer journeys
    • See which segments are used in a customer journey in the new Segments used section in the customer journey's General tab.
    • A new quota tracking feature issues a warning when creating customer journeys if a user is near the segmentation quota limit.
  • Marketing emails
    • New email templates including one, two, and three column newsletters, a form double opt-in template, and a new welcome template.
    • Improved Litmus email preview usage UI and integrated best practices information.
    • A/B test email subjects, from names, email bodies, or the entire content of emails.
    • Minor email editor UI enhancements, including updates fonts and icons.
  • Segment management
    • Quickly filter segment members using the new search function in the Members tab.
    • See which customer journeys use a segment in the new Customer journeys using segment section in the segment's General tab.

Bug fixes

  • Customer journeys
    • Composed state information for customer journeys is no longer editable.
    • Resolved an error that occurred when different users tried to stop and start a customer journey.
    • Resolved an issue where activities were not created when two rules were applied in trigger conditions.
  • Data services
    • Added validation to prevent creating invalid interaction queries.
  • Event management
    • Fixed an error that allowed multiple check-ins with the same event registration ID.
  • Marketing emails
    • Fixed an error that occasionally caused <font> tags to render incorrectly after editing HTML in the email content designer.
    • Fixed an error that caused colour picker colours to sometimes not apply correctly to text.
    • Resolved an issue where the cursor disappeared when adding an anchor name.
    • Improved rendering of email template dividers in Outlook.
    • Fixed an error where that caused URL links on images to not save properly in the email designer.
    • Added descriptive error notifications for dynamic content in marketing emails.
  • Marketing forms
    • Resolved an issue where custom registration fields were sometimes not propagated to event management client services.
  • Marketing pages
    • Fixed an error where the ContactID for a SegmentSubscribed interaction was missing after using a confirmation link.
    • Resolved an error where a duplicated query parameter caused a programme exception.
  • Social posting
    • Resolved an issue where LinkedIn form submission consent field values were occasionally imported incorrectly.

May 2020 update

The Dynamics 365 Marketing May 2020 update includes several feature enhancements including a revamped form capture experience, performance upgrades, and bug fixes.


With the May 2020 release, all Marketing 2020 release wave 1 plan features are now generally available.

Beginning in May, updates will occur automatically, corresponding with the amended 2020 release wave 1 deployment schedule. We will gradually implement the new update policy for instances eligible for automatic upgrade, so organisations may not see any immediate impact to their eligible instances. Organisations can still manually update using the Marketing Setup Wizard if there is an update that has not yet been applied.

Learn more about the automatic update policy.

Version number

App GA release
Marketing 1.35.10061.1037


To check your current version number, refer to Find out which version of Dynamics 365 Marketing you are running.

Monthly feature updates

  • Marketing forms
    • The new form capture wizard combines the initial step of placing a JavaScript code into a third-party website with the rest of the form capture experience. The wizard guides users through each step, including detecting the page, checking for previous tracking scripts, adding a script, finding existing forms on the page, and mapping the form fields. Learn how to use the new form capture wizard here.
    • Form capture support for client-side forms that are injected dynamically via scripts.
  • Templates
    • New template design gallery.
    • Brand new page and form templates with improved accessibility and support for multiple layouts.

Bug fixes

  • Customer journeys
    • Improved validation messages for customer journeys to help catch issues before going live.
  • First run experience
    • Resolved an issue where a configured portal would occasionally display as not configured when creating a new instance.
  • Marketing emails
    • Fixed an issue where display names for intersect entities did not load properly.
    • Improved email styling compatibility for Outlook 2013.
    • Resolved an issue where name attributes did not appear consistently on HTML tags in the email editor.
    • New UI notification when an org is suspended due to suspicious email sending activity.
  • Marketing forms
    • Resolved an issue where form lookup fields referencing a DateTime attribute failed to prefill.
  • Marketing pages
    • Resolved an error where the properties tab occasionally did not load properly in the marketing pages editor.
  • Segment management
    • Added a UI indication when a "Publish changes" operation fails due to an entity that cannot be enabled for sync.
    • The segment designer now properly parses grouped "AND" and "OR" clauses.

April 2020 update

The Dynamics 365 Marketing April 2020 update includes several feature enhancements, performance upgrades, and bug fixes. It also includes Forms Pro integration, an improved email designer, and unified segment types.


Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that many of our customers and partners have moved to the minimum staff/business continuity model. To support this situation, we plan to extend the early access opt-in, which will allow our customers and partners additional time to test and validate the features before the features get deployed starting in May.

The features that were planned to be generally available in April 2020 will be released as planned. However, we won't be enabling any features that impact end-users automatically in April. The changes in the 2020 release wave 1 updates will be automatically enabled starting May 1, 2020.

To learn more, visit Dynamics 365 release schedule and early access.

Version number

App GA release
Marketing 1.35.10060.1066


To check your current version number, refer to Find out which version of Dynamics 365 Marketing you are running.

General availability enhancements

Monthly feature updates

  • Event management
    • Improved calendar control with new options to set the first day of the week.
  • Marketing emails
    • New modern and accessible email templates.
    • Accessibility checker for emails, forms, and pages with guidance on suggested fixes.
  • Marketing forms
  • Segment management
    • Improved template design gallery interface.
    • Improved date picker operation by adding a "Within x" operator.
  • Social posting
    • Improved interface design for social posting (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).
  • User tracking
    • Expanded controls to disable email tracking on a per contact basis.

Bug fixes

  • Event management
    • Resolved error when changing event capacity parameters.
    • Improved event registration compatibility with third-party plugins.
    • Resolved issue where the "Today" button functioned inconsistently in the calendar.
  • General
    • Resolved a Business Process Error message that appeared when Marketing pages were refreshed in a going live state.
    • Resolved issue where Marketing pages solutions uninstalls failed for old Marketing solutions.
    • Fixed an issue where a Quick Send solution overrode the contact entity "IsAuditEnabled" parameter.
    • Resolved Quick Send error when changing content settings.
    • Templates are now saved in the default template language, not the default language of the Marketing instance.
  • Marketing emails
    • Resolved issue where the spellchecker did not function properly in the email content designer.
    • Fixed incorrect error messages in spam checker.
    • Resolved issue where email content designer controls did not load properly if certain form fields were missing.
    • Improved German translations.
    • Resolved an issue where selecting an image in the file selector would occasionally result in an error screen.
  • Marketing insights
    • You can now upload any file using the provided access token.
  • Segment management
    • Improved publishing of segments created by third-party plugins.
    • Improved AssistEdit functionality in segments.
    • Resolved error when filtering segment members by a single letter.
  • Social posting
    • Resolved issue where social posting uninstalls failed for old Marketing solutions.

March 2020 update

The Dynamics 365 Marketing March 2020 update includes several feature enhancements, performance upgrades, and bug fixes. The March release also includes a preview of the redesigned getting started page.

Version numbers

App GA release Early access
Marketing 1.35.10059.1039 1.35.10059.2039


To check your current version number, refer to Find out which version of Dynamics 365 Marketing you are running.

Preview features


This is a preview feature. A preview feature is a feature that is not complete, but is made available before it's officially in a release so customers can get early access and provide feedback. Preview features aren't meant for production use and may have limited or restricted functionality.

Microsoft doesn't provide support for this preview feature. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical Support won't be able to help you with issues or questions. Preview features aren't meant for production use and are subject to a separate supplemental terms of use.

  • Redesigned Get started page
    • Updated cards and tiles with a more intuitive layout.

Monthly feature updates

  • Customer journeys
    • Custom channel names are now shown in the interaction timeline control.
    • Warning dialogue when stopping records (emails, forms, segments) used by customer journeys.
  • Event management
    • Added the ability to set a registration cutoff date for events.
    • Improved recurrent event behaviour.
  • Marketing forms
    • You can now allow list domains instead of allow listing individual forms pages.
  • Segment management
    • Improved date operations for anniversaries and relative dates.
    • Improved visibility for Export to Excel feature.
    • Improved segment template builder functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Digital assets
    • Disabled ability to upload file types with mismatched file extension.
  • Entitlement
    • Resolved issue where some users were unable to reinstall a Marketing instance after an entitlement was freed.
  • Marketing list
    • Resolved issue where the delete button was sometimes not functional in the web client.
  • Segment management
    • Resolved issue where members of static segments did not import correctly from Customer Insights.
    • Fixed an issue where a "Business process error" could result after a successful first run experience in a disconnected org.
    • Decimal input is now supported in floating number fields.
  • User tracking
    • Disabled behaviour tracking for consent confirmation.

February 2020 update

The Dynamics 365 Marketing February 2020 update includes an improved segment experience plus several feature enhancements, performance upgrades, and bug fixes. Early access features include an updated email content designer, marketing forms for event registrations, and improved customer journeys.

Version numbers

App GA release Early access
Marketing 1.35.10058.1075 1.35.10058.2083


To check your current version number, refer to Find out which version of Dynamics 365 Marketing you are running.

Early access features


Early access features are currently available only on opted-in instances. You can opt in for early access on any instance, but we recommend that you do so only on trial, test, or sandbox instances, which will give you a chance to learn the new functionality before it shows up on your production instances later this year.

For instructions on how to opt in and enable early access, see Opt in to early access updates. For more information about the 2020 release wave 1 schedule, and for answers to frequently asked questions about the early access programme, see 2020 release wave 1 features available for early access.

We encourage all customers to provide feedback related to early access features on the Dynamics 365 Marketing Forum, your Microsoft contact or partner, and/or through Microsoft Support.

Monthly feature updates

  • Customer journeys
    • Improved handling of publishable entities in live customer journeys.
  • Marketing forms
    • Lookup support in marketing page-hosted and externally hosted forms.
    • Multi-option list support in marketing page-hosted and externally hosted forms.
  • Recurring events
    • Recurring event instances now show a list of other recurring events in the same series in a sub grid, simplifying navigation. Recurring event series records show a list of all events in the series. There is also a new calendar view for recurring event series records.
    • Custom fields and publish statuses now copy over from recurring event series records to each recurring event instance record.
    • Recurring events are no longer locked down when in the "going live" state. Now, if you would like to immediately publish your recurring series to your website, you can do so. Additionally, you can change the recurrence pattern for already created events.
  • Segment management
    • You no longer need to create compound dynamic segments to combine behavioural and demographic data. Segments are now categorised as dynamic or static.
    • Static segments are redesigned. Static segments now handle an unlimited number of total contacts (up to 10,000 at a time) and allow rule-based addition to list members.
    • You can select static segment contacts based on query and segment data.
    • Segments are time zone-aware, mirroring the time zone functionality in customer journeys.
    • This release also incorporates a new partial date operator. Partial dates allow you to create segments for events such as "today" or people doing an action on the first day of the month, rather than specifying exact dates.

Bug fixes

  • Customer journeys
    • Added a sample code snippet for easier testing of custom channels.
    • Attached workflows are now deactivated when a customer journey with a record update tile is stopped.
  • Event management
    • Events now issue an alert message when installations are missing required services.
  • Marketing controls
    • Improved visibility of ID values in assist edit.
  • Marketing email designer
    • Litmus now supports plain text previews.
    • Auto save no longer overwrites email templates with unsaved changes.
    • Improved responsive design for email on mobile devices.
    • Resolved an error where HTML code didn't copy and paste correctly into the email designer.
  • Marketing pages
    • Invalid or empty values in DateTime fields are no longer incorrectly parsed.
    • Resolved an error caused by importing a marketing page exported from an org with Dynamics 365 Portal to a Portal-less org.
    • Resolved issue where marketing pages would occasionally hang in the Going Live state after publishing.
    • Option sets created in the form-capture wizard now invoke an options-mapping list.
    • Websites with misconfigured allowed domains no longer cause errors messages when externally hosted forms are loaded.
  • Quota management
    • Checks for whether an installation is complete no longer result in an error message for non-admin users.
  • Segment management
    • Resolved an issue where default customer journey content settings were not populated for BU user roles.
    • Resolved an issue where long segment names blended into the page background.
  • Template galleries
    • Resolved issue where the marketing email designer template gallery occasionally did not load correctly for all users.

December 2019 update

The Dynamics 365 Marketing December 2019 update includes the previously announced send-now feature, plus several improvements for existing features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Improved segmentation performance

Dynamics 365 Marketing now evaluates segment membership much more quickly than before. For simple segments, we now offer near-real-time evaluation. Complex segments, such as those that use relations or the TRAVERSE operator, are now processed up to four times faster. You'll now be able to see the full contact list on the Members tab much sooner than previously after going live with the segment.

Export dynamic segment members to Excel

You can now export the contacts that are members of a dynamic segment straight to an Excel file and with just a few clicks, no matter how large the segment is. To do it, open a live, dynamic segment, select Related > Contacts to add a Contacts tab; then select Export Contacts from the command bar for that tab and choose the Excel format you would like.

Export segment members to Excel

More information: Export dynamic segment members to Excel

You can now create a library of templates to make it fast and easy to create any of a variety commonly used segment queries. To help get you started, we provide a collection of common queries right out of the box, each of which provides both an example and a starting point for creating your own queries. Start by selecting a template that resembles the query you want to make, then customise as needed.

Segment template gallery

Each time you create a new segment you'll be presented with the Segment templates gallery, which resembles the galleries already provided for many other types of entities. Here you can browse, filter, search, and learn more about each listed template. Select Cancel to skip the templates and go to the standard new-segment hub, where you can select a basic segment type to build from scratch (as with previous versions of Dynamics 365 Marketing).

To create your own templates, you can save any existing segment as a template. Or go to Marketing > Marketing templates > Segment templates to browse, edit, or remove existing templates.

More information: Work with segment templates

Add visual labels to templates in the template galleries

When you design a new marketing email, page, form, or segment you are first presented with a gallery of templates to choose from. Now, you can add an eye-catching visual label to any template to make it easier to find and identify when browsing the gallery and other displays. For displays that use the tile view, each label appears as a colorful overlay for each relevant template. For displays using the grid view (list view), the labels can be displayed as column values, where they also show their configured coloured background.

System customizers can create as many labels as you need, and define the display text and background colour for each of them. In the following screenshot, you can see a tile view of marketing-page templates labeled with "New", "Old", and "VIP".

Template gallery with labels in tile view

More information: Add visual labels for templates

Quickly design and deliver a marketing email with send now

Dynamics 365 Marketing provides a flexible and powerful framework for designing interactive email campaigns comprised of target segments, marketing email messages, customer-journey automation, and more. But sometimes, when all you want to do is write a quick marketing email with simple personalisation and send it to a few selected recipients, all of these extra components and capabilities can just get in the way. In this situation, use the new send now feature, which lets you design an email as usual and then just select Send now to choose your recipients and deliver the message.

Send-now ready announcement

In the background, Dynamics 365 Marketing creates a static segment to contain your recipients, and a customer journey preconfigured to send your message to that segment. The journey goes live automatically and starts sending right away. After this, you can open the generated customer journey to view results and insights as usual. Both the segment and the journey that are generated by this feature are easy to identify because Dynamics 365 Marketing assigns them the same name as the email message that generated them.

More information: Quickly design and deliver a marketing email with

Add background images to sections in emails, forms, and pages

Section elements are used to establish the basic layout of your emails, marketing pages, and marketing forms. Each section offers a collection of formatting options, which already included options such as columns, background colour, border style, padding, and margin. To this we now add the ability to show a background image, including fitting options such as stretch-to-fit and horizontal/vertical positioning. You can choose any image uploaded to the Dynamics 365 Marketing image gallery, or specify an external image-source URL.

Section-element style settings

More information: Section (layout) elements

Preview: Set static expiry dates for email tiles in a customer journey

Some of your customer journeys may include email messages with time-sensitive content, such as a time-limited offer, holiday promotional, or a two-week reminder for an upcoming event. Because contacts might join the journey at any time, you can now prevent delivering outdated information by setting an expiration date for one or more selected email messages. Any contact who enters an email tile after its expiration date has past will simply pass through that tile without being sent the message.

Journey email-tile expiration settings


This is a preview feature, which means that it's available on all updated instances, but is turned off by default and shouldn't be enabled on production instances. Admins can easily enable or disable it as needed. See the documentation for details.


For this preview release, the feature may sometimes still deliver a message up to six days after the expiry date. This is due to delays and retries built into the delivery system, and should occur only extremely rarely. We expect to remove this possibility entirely for the final release. Additionally, you should only use this feature with commercial messages (not transactional messages).

More information: Preview: Set expiration dates for selected email tiles in a customer journey

View form-visit and form-submission insights for marketing websites

The marketing websites feature generates a JavaScript code that you can add to your website pages if you'd like to track page visits for use in reporting, contact evaluation, lead scoring, and more.

The feature already provided a list of page visits, each associated with a contact when possible (for known contacts with the right cookie). Now the feature also provides separate insights for visits to pages that include a marketing form, and for each submission of each form. The feature tracks both embedded and captured forms.

Website form-submissions insights

More information: Analyse results to gain insights from your marketing activities

Edit and resubmit forms to correct for errors or failures

Marketing-form records already provided a Failed submissions tab, where you could see each time the form was submitted but couldn't be processed--typically due to a technical issue, such as a non-existing ID for an option-set. Now we've made it possible to open any failed submission, correct any obvious data issues, and then resubmit it for processing.

We've also renamed this tab to Form submissions because now we've made it possible to include successfully processed submissions here too (optional). This lets you edit any failed or successful submission and then resubmit it to update your database with or without generating a new interaction record for the resubmission.

Edit and resubmit form submissions


You can always review successful, processed submissions by going to the Insights tab and opening the Submissions panel, but you can't resubmit from there.

More information: Edit and resubmit form submissions

Bug fixes

  • Customer journeys: The schedule tile now consistently holds contacts until the next permitted time window arrives.
  • Marketing email designer: The designer now gracefully handles an HTML error that can occur when image element content is edited using the HTML editor.
  • Marketing email designer: When using certain templates, the email designer no longer fails to save changes and thereafter show a blank page.
  • Marketing email designer: The designer now correctly processes multiple undo/redo commands.
  • Marketing email designer: When you change the Hero image using the Style settings for a message based on a supplied template, the delivered message now shows the updated image (previously, the original hero image was sometimes delivered instead).
  • Email dynamic content: You can now include dynamic expressions that use two single quotes, one after the other (previously, these would be reduced to just one single quote).
  • Email A/B testing: Undo and redo commands now work correctly when editing the A and B versions of an email-body test.
  • Content blocks: Dynamics 365 Marketing instances that don't have marketing services installed (also known as disconnected instances) now correctly show content blocks as in draft state and correctly display the warning that marketing services are unavailable.
  • Marketing pages: Users are now warned if they try to make changes to a live marketing page that could result in a blank page or a page where the form was removed.
  • Marketing forms: You can now edit and submit form designs that were created by a user that has been deleted from the system.
  • Form capture: Forms that include drop-down list values containing whitespace are now captured correctly
  • Lead scoring: You can now include apostrophes in expression values for lead-scoring rules (they will be correctly escaped automatically).
  • Segment designer: You can now create segments that find records with null values in two-option fields.
  • Event website: Custom registration fields no longer show in-field placeholder text that matches the label (to avoid displaying long, repeated text in the form).

November 2019 update

The Dynamics 365 Marketing November 2019 update provides several improvements for existing features, plus performance improvements and bug fixes.

A/B testing improvements

The A/B testing feature now freezes all test results when the test is finished. That means that when you're reviewing your A/B test KPIs, results, and insights, you'll only see information about what occurred during the test period (not afterwards).

For more information about this feature, see:

Segmentation improvements

Segments now support many-to-many (N:N) relationships for custom entities, which means you can define segmentation criteria on entities that relate back to contacts through these types of relationships in addition to 1:N and N:1 relationships. Previously, a few specific N:N relationships were supported (such as between contacts and marketing lists), but these were hard-coded for specific scenarios. Now you can use N:N relationships in custom scenarios too.

For more information about this feature, see:

Customer journey insights improvements

Customer journeys provide detailed information about what occurred during the journey. Among the results presented on the Insights tab is the Incomplete journey panel, where you can see information about contacts who were stopped during the journey and emails that we blocked from being sent. Emails might be blocked for any of several reasons, which are listed here. For the November release, we've added an entry for Other reasons , where blocked emails that don't fall into any of the other available categories will be listed together with information about what happened.

For more information about this feature, see:

Bug fixes

The Dynamics 365 Marketing November 2019 update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Installation and setup: The Dynamics 365 setup wizard now succeeds when some or all workflows, plugins, and/or entities were created by a now disabled or unlicensed user.
  • Marketing pages: For double opt-in, content settings are now correctly validated to identify missing confirmation settings.
  • Marketing pages: Test domains are no longer checked against blacklisted providers.
  • Marketing pages: Subscription-centre forms now correctly handle the "Do not bulk email me" option when presented either as a radio button or as a check box.
  • Marketing pages: Form-submission error feedback is now customisable via JavaScript.
  • Email marketing: Error checking now functions correctly when date/time fields are referenced in dynamic content.
  • Customer journeys: Individual marketing lists can now be reused across multiple customer journeys.
  • Websites: For website insights, the Timeline display has been renamed to Visits.
  • Customer Insights: Deleted contacts now sync correctly and more quickly.