Add a web resource for real-time translation

You can use a web resource to implement the logic for enabling real-time translation of the messages messages exchanged in conversation between the customer and the agent.

How to add a web resource

The steps for adding a web resource are as follows:

  1. Download the sample web resource (webResourceV2.js) file that you can use to implement the logic for enabling real time translation of the conversation messages exchanged between the customer and the agent. More information: Web resources in model-driven apps.
  2. Customize the settings, such as define the translation provider, language of the agent, when to turn translation on, and when to turn it off. More information: initializeNewConversation method and translateMessage method.
  3. Upload the web resource file in your environment.

Upload the web resource file

Perform the following steps to upload the web resource file for real-time translation:

  1. In Omnichannel Administration app, select Settings, and select Advanced Settings.

  2. On the page that appears on a new tab, select Settings, and then select Solutions.

  3. In All Solutions, select New, and do the following:

    1. In the General section of the Solution: New Solution page, enter the details for the mandatory fields.
    2. Save the solution and close the form.
  4. For the added solution, in the left pane, select Web Resources under Components.

  5. Select New, and do the following:

    1. In the General section, enter a name for the web resource.
    2. In the Content section, select Script (JScript) for Type.
    3. For Upload File, select Choose File to upload the JavaScript file that you customized.
    4. Save the form, select the option to publish all customizations.
    5. Copy the link in the URL field. You will provide this link in the administrator settings in Omnichannel Administration for configuring real-time translation.
    6. Select the option to publish all customizations on the Solution page, and close the form.
  6. In the site map of Omnichannel Administration, select Real Time Translation.

  7. In the Web resource URL field, paste the link that you had copied, and save the changes.

    Add a web resource

  8. Select Save.

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