Connected Storage vs. Title Storage

Xbox Live enables publishers to store global title data and player-specific data in the cloud.

Xbox Live Cloud Storage includes Connected Storage to store game state, and Title Storage to store player statistics and assets.

Connected Storage

Data stored by using the per-user Connected Storage API automatically roams for users across PC and multiple Xbox consoles, and is also available for use offline. Use this service to allow gameplay to continue smoothly when restarting a title after switching between devices.

You should use the Connected Storage service to frequently save progress data like inventory, game state, and current location in game. The Connected Storage service is the more fault-tolerant cloud storage service, and is less susceptible to network and power failure.

See Connected Storage.

Title Storage

The Xbox Live Title Storage service provides a way to store and share game data and title assets in the cloud. Games running on all platforms can use this online.

This service gives more control over data visibility for the consumer as well as global per-title data in addition to per-user data. Title Storage is great for storing player statistics, player rankings, title assets such as unlockable artwork, and new maps.

See Title Storage overview.