Single Point of Presence (SPOP)

Single Point of Presence (SPOP) is an Xbox Live-enforced condition where a title can only be played on one device at a time. This is enforced for Xbox XDK and UWP titles on any device.

An Xbox Live title, regardless of the device it is on, can sign-out a user who is signed into a title on another Xbox One (or later) or Windows 10 device.

How to handle SPOP

Single Point of Presence (SPOP) should be handled by the title the same way as any other type of sign-out event. The user will always be notified via UI when they do an action that would initiate an SPOP sign-out event, to verify that the user wants the title to be disconnected on the other device.

  • For XDK titles, the User::SignOutCompleted event will trigger when this occurs.

  • For UWP titles, they will be notified of the sign out through the sign_out_complete handler from the xbox_live_user class. See Authentication for UWP projects.