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Multiplayer overview Multiplayer Session Directory, matchmaking, networking, voice chat, and text chat.
Common multiplayer scenarios Which Xbox Live functionality supports various multiplayer scenarios, including Comparative (Indirect) Play, Online Play with friends, Skill-Based Matchmaking, and Tournaments.
Multiplayer concepts Conceptual articles about Xbox Live Multiplayer services.
Multiplayer Activity (MPA) Simplifies platform integration for player activities (joins), invites, and recent players, and allows players to launch into your game from their social graph.
Xbox Integrated Multiplayer (XIM) An all-in-one multiplayer/networking/chat solution for Xbox Live games.
Multiplayer Manager (MPM) High-level API for adding multiplayer functionality by managing sessions, matchmaking, and game invites. Provides a state- and event-based programming model.
Multiplayer Session Directory (MPSD) Shares information to connect a group of users. Coordinates with the shell and console operating system in sending/accepting invites and in being joined via the gamer card.
Invites A player can invite other players to their game sessions. Invited players receive a game invite, and the title uses this information to join the existing session and multiplayer experience.
SmartMatch Matchmaking The SmartMatch matchmaking service selects compatible players in a multiplayer game.
Game Chat Adding voice and text communication to your game by using Xbox Live Game Chat 2.

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