Enroll device for access to work or school resources

To enroll your device and get access to email and apps, you'll need to install either the Intune Company Portal app or Microsoft Intune app. When you enroll, the basic management policies that your org has configured, such as password, PIN, and encryption, are applied to your device. Once your device settings meet all of your org's requirements, you can securely access your work information from virtually anywhere.

The Company Portal and Microsoft Intune apps keep your enrolled device secure by ensuring that your device settings match your org's policies.

The Company Portal app also:

  • Keeps your personal and work information separate.
  • Makes it easy to find and install relevant work and school apps.

Get the apps

To get Company Portal:

  • Install the Company Portal app from the platform-specific app store. In some cases, your organization will install the Company Portal app for you.
  • Go to the Company Portal website to access the app from a browser.

If you're required to use the Microsoft Intune app, your organization will install it for you.

What information can my company see when I enroll?

After your device is enrolled, your organization's support people can only see information that's relevant to work. They cannot see your personal information. If you're enrolling a personal device for use at work, learn exactly what can and can't be seen.

What's the difference between the apps and the website?

The Company Portal app is available for Windows 10, iOS, macOS, and Android devices. It integrates seamlessly with your device's respective platform. The website version is accessible from any device and gives you the same, universal experience no matter what device you're using.

The Microsoft Intune app is for corporate-owned Android devices.

What kind of devices can you enroll with Company Portal?

  • Apple devices using iOS (such as iPhone and iPad) and macOS (such as MacBook and iMac)
  • Android devices
  • Windows devices
    • Windows 10 Mobile
    • Windows 10 Desktop
    • Windows Phone 8.1
    • Windows 8.1

What kind of devices can you enroll with the Microsoft Intune app?

You can enroll corporate-owned Android devices that your organization has set up to use with the app. The app supports Android 6.0 and later.

Can you remove a computer or device from the Company Portal?

You can either remove or reset a computer or device from the Company Portal. There is a difference between remove and reset.

When you remove a computer or device from the Company Portal, you are unenrolling your device from Intune. Once you unenroll, you won’t be able to access the Company Portal from that device anymore, and some company data might be removed from your device. To learn how to remove your device from the Company Portal, see the following links:

When you reset a computer or device, the Company Portal tries to reset your computer or device back to the manufacturer’s default settings. Resetting your device removes all company and personal data from the device. If you lost your device, you can also reset it remotely from the Company Portal website.

To learn how to reset your device, see Reset your device from the Company Portal website.

Can you remove a computer or device from the Microsoft Intune app?

No, there's no way for you to remove a corporate-owned device from the Microsoft Intune app.

What if I can't see my device in the Company Portal or Microsoft Intune app?

For you to be able to see a device, it must first be added to the Company Portal. Go to whichever Company Portal was recommended by your admin and follow the steps for your device. You also won’t see devices that are owned and managed by your company.

If you're using the Microsoft Intune app, you'll only see the device you're currently using. Other enrolled devices will not be visible to you in the app.

Where else can I go for help?

To troubleshoot common problems and questions, check out these platform-specific docs:

You can also reach out to your support person. The Company Portal and Microsoft Intune app offer help and support pages that list contact information and ways to report a problem. Contact information is also available on your org's Company Portal website.

Next steps

Get the help starting with enrollment, that's specific to your device's platform: