You can improve forecast accuracy, find patterns and trends, and gain new insights to make more informed and targeted decisions. Unlimited financial dimensions give you unmatched flexibility in reporting and analysis. You can review connected accounts and analyze payments, receivables, and cashflow. It allows you to budget and plan, all while staying connected across departments.

Icon indicating play video In this video, you'll learn how you can address one of the key scenarios in business finance, managing accounts receivable.

The video showed the accountant role center and the features for identifying customers who are late on payments and analyzing how that affects our cash flow, which can help you make informed decisions about how you manage our accounts receivable. You can increase financial visibility by using the accountant role center to:

  • Review and analyze accounts.
  • Review payments.
  • Manage cashflow while budgeting and planning for the future.

Now let's focus on how to handle supply chain management functions in Dynamics 365 Business Central.