Supply chain


The Dynamics 365 Business Central supply chain features allow you to predict the best time to replenish stock with built-in intelligence. It gives you an overview of inventory for prompt order fulfillment. You can track item transactions and movement by setting up bins based on warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions.

With the production planner role center, you can review and replenish inventory using automated requisition management. You can use the power of automation to plan for future needs. You can also work with vendors to order, purchase, and receive supplies and materials.

From the production planner role center, you can:

  • Predict sales demand for an upcoming period.
  • Plan production levels.
  • Create production orders to satisfy the demand.

It uses artificial intelligence to predict optimal inventory levels.

Icon indicating play video This video shows a typical end-to-end production scenario.

You learned in the video that you can use the production planner role center to review individual items and their replenishment options, review inventory levels, and use the requisition worksheet to trigger replenishment suggestions.

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