What is Microsoft 365 security center?


Threat protection product names in Microsoft are changing. Read more about this and other updates. We'll be updating names in products and in the Learn content in the near future.

Microsoft 365 security center is the new home for monitoring and managing security across your Microsoft identities, data, devices, apps, and infrastructure. Here you can easily view the security health of your organization, act to configure devices, users, and apps, as well as get alerts for suspicious activity. The Microsoft 365 security center is designed to help security admins and security operations teams manage and protect their organization.

The Home page features many of the common cards that security teams need to protect their assets. The composition of cards and data depends on the user role. Because the Microsoft 365 security center uses role-based access control, different roles will see cards that are relevant to their work.

Microsoft 365 security center

The Microsoft 365 security center includes:

  • Home – Get an at-a-glance view of the overall security health of your organization.
  • Alerts – Greater visibility into all the alerts across your Microsoft 365 environment, including alerts from Microsoft Cloud App Security, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and Microsoft Defender ATP.
  • Reports – Organize the data and information you need to better protect your users, devices, apps, and more.
  • Secure score – Improve your overall security posture with Microsoft Secure Score. This page provides an overall summary of the different security features and capabilities you’ve enabled and includes recommendations for areas to improve.
  • Hunting – Proactively search for malware, suspicious files, and activities in your Microsoft 365 organization.
  • Classification – Help protect data loss by adding labels to classify documents, email messages, documents, sites, and more. When a label is applied (automatically or by the user), the content or site is protected based on the settings chosen. For example, you can create labels that encrypt files, add content marking, and control user access to specific sites.
  • Policies - Set up policies to manage devices, protect against threats, and receive alerts about various activities in your org.
  • Permissions - Manage who in your organization has access to Microsoft 365 security center to view content and perform tasks. You can also assign Microsoft 365 permissions in the Azure AD Portal.

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