Define the sensitive data you want to identify and classify

Sensitivity labels help you classify and protect your sensitive content without hampering user productivity and collaboration.

Persistent sensitivity labels travel with the document

Sensitivity labels are metadata tags that have the following characteristics.

  • Customizable. You can create categories for different levels of sensitive content, such as Personal, Public, General, Confidential, and Highly Confidential.
  • Clear text. Because the label is in clear text, third-party apps and services can apply protective actions to labeled content.
  • Persistent. Once applied to content, a sensitivity label persists in the metadata of that email or document. The label and protection settings roam with the content and become the basis for applying and enforcing policies.

With sensitivity labels you can:

  • Enforce protection settings such as encryption or watermarks on labeled content.
  • Protect content in Office apps across different platforms and devices.
  • Prevent sensitive content on devices running Windows from leaving your organization.
  • Protect content in third-party apps and services.
  • Extend labels to third-party apps and services.
  • Classify content without using any protection settings.