When planning a solution in the cloud, there's always the challenge of balancing cost against performance. It can feel like a guessing game whether your selected options will stay within budget or if you'll have a surprise on your next bill.

You need to be able to confidently answer several questions:

  • What will this solution cost this fiscal year?
  • Is there an alternate configuration you could use to save money?
  • Can you estimate how a change would impact your cost and performance without putting it into a production system?

In this module, we'll explore the tools you can use to answer these questions and more.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Learn the different options you have to purchase Azure services
  • Estimate costs with the Azure pricing calculator
  • Predict and optimize costs with Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor
  • Apply best practices for saving on infrastructure costs
  • Apply best practices for saving on licensing costs