Automate your deployments with Azure DevOps

DevOps Engineer
Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps enables you to build, test, and deploy any application to any cloud or on premises. Learn how to combine automation techniques such as infrastructure as code with automated pipelines to provision and configure the infrastructure you need to run your applications and services.

In this learning path, you will:

  • Learn what we mean by infrastrure as code and configuration as code, along with popular tools you can use to automate your deployments.
  • Build and apply a Terraform plan that automatically provisions Azure App Service in Azure Pipelines.
  • Run an Ansible playbook that automatically configures virtual machines running on Azure.
  • Use an Azure Resource Manager template to automatically provision and configure Azure SQL Database in Azure Pipelines.

Modules in this learning path

Learn how infrastructure as code enables you to describe and automatically provision the infrastructure that you need for your application.

Run configuration management tools in Azure Pipelines to help keep your infrastructure configured as you need.

Learn how to automatically provision Azure SQL Database in Azure Pipelines by using an Azure Resource Manager template.