SC-900 part 2: Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Identity and access management solutions

Business User
Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is the tool for identity and access management in the Microsoft Cloud. Learn about Azure AD services and identity principals, secure authentication, access management capabilities, as well as identity protection and governance.


  • General understanding of networking and cloud computing concepts.
  • General IT knowledge or any general experience working in an IT environment.
  • General understanding of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Modules in this learning path

Learn about the basic identity concepts, including identity as a security perimeter, authentication, authorization, the role of active directory and the concept of federated services.

Learn about Azure Active Directory, what it is and the types of identities it supports.

Learn about the different authentication capabilities of Azure AD. Topics include multi-factor authentication, password protection and management.

A key function of Azure AD is to manage access. Learn about the access management capabilities, its use cases, and benefits.

Azure AD provides identity protection and governance capabilities. Learn about these capabilities, the use cases, and benefits.