Lifecycle FAQ - Hardware

Originally published: July 18, 2016
Updated: November 13, 2020

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Effective April 15, 2015, all information about Microsoft hardware warranties can be found here:

Microsoft software running on Microsoft hardware continues to be supported according to the existing Microsoft Lifecycle Policy.

How is Microsoft device software supported?

For software that is built into a device, or necessary for the use of a device (e.g. "embedded") - such as firmware or drivers - go here to learn more.

Besides hardware-specific software, Microsoft software installed on a device - such as the Windows operating system running on a Surface device - follows the associated product lifecycle (in the above example - Windows).

What is the Lifecycle Policy for subscription services that are part of the device ecosystem, such as Xbox LIVE and Xbox Music?

Customers receive support, updates, and new versions of subscription services for as long as they pay for the service. If a customer's subscription ends, that customer is not entitled to further use of or product support for that service.

What is the Lifecycle Policy for software applications that run on a hardware device, such as downloadable apps?

Downloadable applications are supported by the publisher. Redistributed applications, such as the Netflix application in Xbox, are also supported by the publisher.

What is the Lifecycle Policy for other Microsoft software products or applications that are offered as part of the hardware ecosystem? Are they covered by the lifecycle?

Any Microsoft software installed or downloaded on the device (not embedded) is governed by the Microsoft Lifecycle for that software product.

How does this change apply to hardware products made by other companies but sold by Microsoft? 

Third-party consumer hardware products sold and distributed by Microsoft and used with Microsoft products are not covered by Microsoft warranties or software lifecycle policies.