Audience Counts

The Audience Count API provides the number of member accounts that fit your targeting criteria. As your campaign serves ads, the number of member accounts that you reach will be lower than the target audience size.

Since 300 is the minimum audience size in order to run a campaign, this endpoint is also useful to ensure your target audience is large enough. For more information, see Recommendations for Increasing Audience Size.


Any application approved for the Marketing Developer Program can make these API calls using any 3-legged access token. No additional permissions need to be requested during the OAuth flow.


Field Name Description
active Active audience count for the given targeting criteria. Active audience include members that are more likely to visit LinkedIn sites.
total Total audience count for the given targeting criteria. To protect member privacy, this value is 0 when the audience size is less than 300. The total is a rounded approximation, and the degree of approximation depends upon the size of the audience segment.

Find Count by CriteriaV2

This finder gets the audience count for a given set of targeting criteria. For more information on Targeting Criteria, see here.

The parameter q=targetingCriteriaV2 is always required as it represents the Finder targetingCriteriaV2 request.

All API requests are represented in protocol 2.0.0 and require the header X-Restli-Protocol-Version: 2.0.0.

Restli 2.0 requires URNs in query params to be URL encoded. For example, urn:li:skill:17 would become urn%3Ali%3Askill%3A17.

Note that Postman or similar API tools may not support these types of calls. Testing with curl is recommended if you encounter a 400 error with message Invalid query parameters passed to request.

Calls to this endpoint are structured as follows:

GET{encoded facet_URN_1}:List({encoded facet_URN_1_value_1}, {encoded facet_URN_1_value_2}))),(or:({encoded facet_URN_2}:List({encoded facet_URN_2_value_1},{encoded facet_URN_2_value_2}))))))


Field Name Required Type Description
q This field should always be targetingCriteriaV2 String Yes
targetingCriteria Yes targetingCriteria object Specifies the targeting criteria that the member should match.

Sample Request

Below is a sample request forecasting the audience count for members living in North America and Skill type “Engineering”.

Any URNs included in the parameters must be URL encoded. An unencoded sample request has also been provided for readability.

Unencoded Sample Request


Encoded Sample Request


Sample Response

The API will return a list of AudienceCount results based on the targetingCriteria parameters.

    "elements": [
            "active": 0,
            "total": 25312600
    "paging": {
        "count": 10,
        "links": [],
        "start": 0