RevoIOQ package

The RevoIOQ package provides a function for testing installation and operational qualification of R packages provided in Machine Learning Server, Microsoft R Server, and R Client.

Package details
Current version: 8.0.8
Built on: R 3.3.2
Package distribution: Machine Learning Server
R Client (Windows and Linux)
R Server 9.1 and earlier
SQL Server 2016 and later (Windows only)
Azure HDInsight
Azure Data Science Virtual Machines

How to use RevoIOQ

Load and run RevoIOQ from a command-line interface or R IDE. The following command executes tests and returns results.

  1. Start Revo64 (on Linux) or an R IDE providing an R prompt.
  2. Load RevoIOQ: library("RevoIOQ")
  3. Execute the function: RevoIOQ()


  RevoIOQ(printText=TRUE, printHTML=TRUE, outdir=if (file.access(getwd(), mode=2)) file.path(tempdir(),"RevoIOQ") else file.path(getwd(),"RevoIOQ"), 
          basename=paste("Revo-IOQ-Report", format(Sys.time(), "%m-%d-%Y-%H-%M-%S"), sep="-"),
          view=TRUE, clean=TRUE, runTestFileInOwnProcess=TRUE, testLocal = FALSE, testScaleR = TRUE)



logical flag. If TRUE, an RUnit test report in ASCII text format is produced.


logical flag. If TRUE, an RUnit test report in HTML format is produced.


character string representing path to output report directory.


character string denoting the name of the output file (sans the extension).


logical flag. If TRUE and either printText=TRUE or printHTML=TRUE, then the resulting output file is shown, respectively.


logical flag. If TRUE, then graphics files created during the tests are removed.


logical flag. If TRUE, each test file is run in a separate R process.


logical flag. If TRUE, a set of basic tests is created and run for all locally installed packages.


logical flag. If TRUE, the RevoScaleR unit tests are included in the test suite, if available.

Return value

TRUE if all tests are successful, FALSE otherwise.