Partner Center has two levels of accounts for MPN partners

Applies to

  • Partner Center
  • MPN partners

Appropriate roles

  • Account admin
  • Business profile admin

Your company has two levels of accounts in Partner Center.

The top level is the Partner global account (PGA).

  • The Partner global account contains the legal business address and the primary contact for your company.
  • View the details of your Partner global account from Settings -> Organization profile, Legal profile.
  • The details will also contain the Partner global account MPN ID.
  • The PGA is the parent of your company and is not used to associate for Incentives programs or Cloud Solution Provider.
  • Locations should be used for such associations.

The second level account is the location account called Partner Location Account (PLA).

Your PGA may have additional business locations under it. Each location has its own MPN ID or Partner Location Account (PLA). You use the location MPN ID for transactional business and enrollment in incentive programs.

  • Each Partner Location Account can have its own legal address and primary contact. Locations can also share the legal address with the global account or with other locations.
  • View the list of Partner Location Accounts from Settings -> Locations.
  • All location accounts are at the same level and under the Partner global account.
  • Account admins can add locations.

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