Earn an advanced specialization to showcase your validated capabilities

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Account admin

Microsoft advanced specializations build on the related gold competencies that partners can earn. Earning gold competencies, along with their related advanced specializations, enables partners to further differentiate their capabilities to customers.

To earn an advanced specialization, a partner often must fulfill demanding requirements, such as obtaining customer references, undergoing a third-party audit, proving attainment of a relevant skill set, and meeting certain, other performance measurements.

By meeting these strict requirements, partners can then validate their deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success at delivering tailored, customer solutions for areas of high customer demand and relevance.

Partners who earn an advanced specialization will obtain a customer-facing label they can display on their business profile in the Microsoft solution provider finder. This label further validates the partner's capabilities, while giving them access to associated benefits, expanded customer reach, and greater customer confidence.


To learn more about advanced specializations, see the Microsoft Partner Network Advanced specializations page.

Advanced specialization areas

Each advanced specialization corresponds to a solution area:

  • Azure
  • Business Applications
  • Modern Work
  • Security

Azure advanced specializations include:

  • Analytics on Microsoft Azure
  • Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure
  • Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure
  • SAP on Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • AI and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI
  • Hybrid Operations and Management with Microsoft Azure Arc
  • Microsoft Azure VMware Solution
  • DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure
  • Networking Services in Microsoft Azure

Business Applications advanced specializations include:

  • Low Code Application Development
  • Small and Midsize Business Management

Modern Work advanced specializations include:

  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Calling for Microsoft Teams
  • Custom Solutions for Microsoft Teams
  • Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Modernize Endpoints

Security advanced specializations include:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Information Protection and Governance
  • Cloud Security


To learn about each advanced specialization, along with its prerequisites and requirements, see the Partner Network Advanced specializations page. When you're ready to apply for an advanced specialization, check your progress by signing into the Partner Center dashboard. To learn more about accessing this area of Partner Center, see Apply for an advanced specialization.

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