Manage your MPN account locations and add a new location

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Appropriate roles

  • Global admin
  • Account admin

The location MPN ID identifies each specific location of your company. You use the location MPN ID to enroll in incentive programs, to transact Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) business, and other business transactions. The global MPN ID is used for non-transactional activities such as support requests.

The following is a typical scenario:

Contoso has its Partner global account (PGA) in the UK. This is their registered legal business, and it's global MPN ID is used for managing all non-transactional business. Contoso also has Partner location accounts (PLA) equivalent to subsidiaries or divisions in another location in the UK, France, and the USA. In the MPN Account structure, these PLAs are represented as unique location MPN IDs. The PLAs are used for transactional business such as CSP or incentives programs. Payouts are tied to specific locations.


There is a 1-1 relationship between a CSP tenant and an MPN location ID.

Structure of MPN locations

Prerequisites in order to add a new location for a CSP business

To add a new CSP business location, there are several prerequisites:

  1. You must have a location MPN ID in the country where you want to do business.

  2. You need a new Azure AD tenant in the region of business which is not already enrolled into CSP. Create this when you enroll in CSP.

  3. Use the new AAD tenant to enroll into CSP program in the region. Providing legal company details including the legal company name, address, primary contact details. This account will undergo verification, so make sure to add valid information.


Remember to sign in with the new credentials for the new Azure AD tenant. Don't use your existing credentials as Partner Center will recognize you as already having an account.

  1. Accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement and activate the account.‚Äč

Add an MPN location

  1. Sign in using the MPN account in Partner Center . The MPN account should have Global Admin or Account Admin privileges.

  2. From the Setting icon, select the Partner settings.

  3. Select Locations.

  4. Select Add a location, and insert the address details of the location that you want to add to your company as well as a primary contact for the location.


Once a location is added in Partner Center, it cannot be removed. You will see MPN in the left menu of Partner Center if you have used the correct MPN ID to sign in.

Change Global partner account location

  1. On the Locations page, check the list of locations to ensure that the location you want as your legal entity is listed. If it isn't, add it.

    Screenshot of Partner Center Account Locations page with list of all current locations.

  2. Select Partner profile and then select Update legal business profile

    Screenshot showing Partner Center Account Partner profile information with selectable Update option.

  3. Select the region and legal entity and Submit it.

    Screenshot to update the partner's legal business profile shows drop-down lists to update the country or region and the legal entity.

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