Sign up for a free Power Pages trial

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Power Pages offers a free 30-day trial. After a quick sign-up, you'll have access to many of the key features of Power Pages. You can use the trial to create trial sites and test them by using sample data, and even try out your own customer data. Learn more about Power Pages.


Trials created during the preview release will be automatically extended until general availability for Power Pages.

To sign up for the trial

  1. Go to, and then select Try it for free.

    The home page for Microsoft Power Pages with the Try it for free button emphasized.

  2. Follow the onscreen guidance to enter the work or school email address, backed by Azure Active Directory, to sign up for a trial license.

  3. On subsequent screens, answer a few (three) questions that won't take more than two minutes to answer, so we can provide you with the best experience of creating sites.

  4. Choose a template that best aligns to what you want to use your site for. If none of the business need templates match what you're looking for, choose the Default design template for cross-industry solutions.

  5. Review the template description, and then select Choose template.

  6. You can provide a name for your site and site web address as needed. We make a unique name suggestion, but you can edit the name and URL to suit your needs. To create a site, you can either create a new Microsoft Power Platform environment or select an existing environment that includes your data, where you have the necessary permissions.

    Create a Power Pages site.

  7. After you've added all required details, select Done.

  8. The process will take a few moments to set up your site and environment. After the site is created, you'll see your new site in the design studio, where you're provided with a short tour of the design studio features.

  9. As soon as you make changes to your site, you can select Preview to preview your site by using a web browser or by scanning a QR code on a mobile device.

  10. If you revisit and select Sign-in, you'll be redirected to the Power Pages home page. You'll see your site listed on the Power Pages home page.

    List of Power Pages sites.

You can either edit or preview the site right from here.

What to try

Your trial environment includes many of the same features as the paid version. The links below guide you through some of the key features.

Additional info

To speed up the process when you create a site with a new trial environment, the site metadata for all the templates will be preloaded and appear as website records in the Portal Management app.

Website records in Portal Management app.

Additional resources